Policajac pucao u profesionalnog surfera zbog kršenja karantene

Plaže u Kostariki zatvorene su zbog koronavirusa, no profesionalni surferi Rafael Villavicencio i Noe Mar McGonagle smatrali su kako neće nikome naškoditi ako malo uzmu daske u ruke i iskoriste dobre valove za trening.

Nije im ta ideja baš završila dobro, obojica su završila u - zatvoru.

Naime, policajac koji je kontrolirao plažu prv je ispalio u zrak hice upozorenja u zrak, a kad Villavicencio nije htio stati pucao je - u njega! Srećom, nije pogodio.

Noe Mar McGonagle je pak - samo uhićen, koliko se zna na njega nitko nije pucao. Koliko se da zaključiti, dva događaja nisu izravno  povezana. Postupak policajca, pucanje u nenaoružanog kršitelja karantene, ipak (još) nije službeno odobren, pa bi se on trebao naći na sudu pod optužbom za pokušaj ubojstva.

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Police Shooting Guns For Surfers To Return To Shore In #costarica 🌊👮‍♀️ 🇨🇷 . . . Come on, where is the logic here? Are there not any high risk areas that need policed, patrolled, or an extra set of hands? Why threaten individuals who are isolated on private peaks? 🌊 . . . I’m getting in on this debate because I’m seeing local dudes like @maykol_torres_ post for people to stay out of the water and to help the police in the name of not spreading this.( I hear you, yes! Let’s stop the spread). 🚨 . . Maybe you are just trying to help with your influence. But give me a break, what about the individuals who live on the beach, and who have 0 contact with other humans when they paddle out in their front yard? I do it for exercise, the health benefits of salt water, and all the sudden we’re condoning guns and surfers being threatened? 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . Does there really need to be a universal law for people in this isolated scenario to be threatened at gun point? Now it’s fine to pull guns out on surfers? I’m sick of seeing local pros hop onto the “trend” of backing the police violence here! I know all of you guys, and respectfully as a friend, come on! Half of the Hermosa athletes are still all going out in remote, self isolated secrete spots just like I am! So let’s give up on accepting and condoning this police behavior as heroic. Please refrain from being a sheep if were doing nothing wrong. @surfingrepublica has been a huge voice in supporting the violence in my opinion. (Feel free to leave your tactful points of view. Let’s have an intelligent dialogue.) . . . #costarica #surfer #surfing #insane #covid_19 #surflife #surflifestyle

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